when you realize that you woke up late


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petition for thomas to become an actual disney prince

Man, if this happened…. life would be complete.

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Ed Sheeran on writing for One Direction, their sound and his favourite member

  • I: Do you have any more plans to work with One Direction? Little Things was such a great track.
  • Ed: I did two songs for their new one; I don’t know if they’re on the album but they’ve been recorded and stuff and they sound great.
  • I: Well hopefully they will make the album. What is the sound like?
  • Ed: I hope it’ll make the album. I wrote one specifically for them, it’s my idea of what their sound should be. And one of them was a song that was one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written but it just never made it on to an album because it was too big, it was a stadium song while I was playing clubs.
  • I: Do you have a favourite member?
  • Ed: I don’t know. I see Harry the most and probably get on with him best just because I see him the most and he was the first one that I met. I’ve known him the longest and we’ve shared a lot of mutual friends so probably Harry.

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*loses a fight irl* wtf bro rematch I was lagging 

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personally i kinda hoped naomi was going to keep talking about castiel’s history as an angel bc it sounds like he’s been a little shit disturber from the start

i bet he stepped on the fish

cas my child, please. big plans for that fi-

Cas sure is a hell raiser

did you just

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You all need to watch this right now.

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*opens blog* title: welcome peasants *closes blog*

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I once went to the Renaissance Fair dressed as Marty McFly, and nobody got the joke.

That will forever be one of the most disappointing moments in my life.

This is my favorite photoset rn

I totally get this guy. A whole fair of nerds and no one got a awesome 80s pop culture reference. Shame. The faces are amazing.

This is heavy


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All firearms can experience some sort of malfunction but the cause can vary. Whether it be faulty ammo, damaged magazines, limp wristing, heavily fouled action, wrong gas setting, the possible reasons can be one or more of those things. Definitely takes the fun out of range days but even more important is the fact you never want a  malfunction to occur in a self defense situation. (GRH)

I’ve seen every single goddamn one of these referred to as a “double-feed” at least twice.

I’ve only ever seen one gun double-feed.

I dunno how but during Basic we had to use rifles (M16A4s) that had been sitting in the sun, and after the first three rounds I noticed some feed issues. A couple SPORTS later, I did get a double feed and I couldn’t fix it myself.

My DS screamed at me to fix the rifle and when it was evident that I wasn’t making any headway, he tore the rifle from my hands and tried to fix it himself. Lo and behold, no luck. He ended up slamming the butt down and it finally fixed the issue.

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Martin freeman eyes/eyelashes appreciation post.

Don’t u love how men have these long lovely eyelashes and a lot of women have to glue fake lashes on. Which I’ve never done but it sounds unpleasant.

And just FYI that anime gif at the top is from aeon flux (does anyone else remember that show?) Those fly trap eyelashes remind me of Martin’s. :p.

Couldn’t find a gif of Martin’s eye close up from signs of three. :(

Yay, eyelashes appreciation post! *-*

I hope you don’t mind that I’m adding in a few gifs I have to this post? o.o

I’ve also made a new gif (see below) that focuses on Martin’s eyes in The Sign of Three for you, I hope you’d like it. :)

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Mycroft Holmes in The Great Game {BBC Sherlock}

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i hate having a good memory because people think i’m creepy when i remember the things they don’t remember telling me.

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